As part of MEL Consultants’ constant goal of providing the most detailed and relevant information to clients for all its service streams, MEL Consultants periodically host information nights for medium to large groups of people with various stakeholdings within projects.  The groups can vary from government departments (e.g. DELWP, VicUrban), to architecture firms, to engineering firms (e.g. Robert Bird Group, WSP), or a combination of all.

The information sessions are tailored to the group attending but generally include a short presentation with QA throughout, followed by a guided tour of the wind tunnel facilities with demonstrations of MEL Consultants key service streams by MEL Consultants staff. The information sessions conclude with general discussion between the attending group and MEL Consultants’ staff members over light refreshments.

23 March, 2017 - Visit from Robert Bird Group

In March, 2017, MEL Consultants hosted a group of engineers from Robert Bird Group, headed by their Victorian General Manager, John Bambino. The bulk of the presentation was delivered by Jim Kostas, giving an overview of the physics of structural response to wind and the importance of utilising wind tunnel modelling to predict the structural responses of full scale structures.  Alex Loie then discussed the preferred layout of the information provided by structural engineers and opened up discussion on the presentation/layout of the information provided by MEL Consultants’ wind studies. Bill Melbourne concluded the presentation with a brief talk about the provision of additional building damping via liquid tuned mass dampers.

 RBG 23 Mar 2017 Jim
Jim Kostas speaks to engineers from Robert Bird Group

4 May, 2017 - Visit from WSP

In May, 2017, MEL Consultants hosted engineering firm WSP, who sent out sent a contingent of engineers and draftspeople to our facilities. They were given a presentation tailored for structural engineers and then given a tour of our facilities, which, fortunate for them, included our newly commissioned second wind tunnel.

 WSP 4 May 2017 Jim in East Tunnel
Jim Kostas speaking to engineers and draftspeople from structural engineering firm WSP

 WSP 4 May 2017 Yogen demo Aust 108 pressure
Yogen Padayatchy speaking to engineers and draftspeople from structural engineering firm WSP

 WSP 4 May 2017 Bill in East Tunnel
Bill Melbourne speaking to engineers and draftspeople from structural engineering firm WSP